Azhage Unnai Aarathikkiren (1979)

Cast : Vijayakumar,Latha,Jaiganesh,Prakash,Rajaramani,Subhashini
Director : Sridhar
Producer :Bharani Reddy

The film starred Latha, Vijayakumar, Jaiganesh and introduced Prakash and Subhashini, directed by Sridhar. It was a hit- I think I have seen a shield for the 'Velli Vizha' in one of the Abirami theatres-Chennai. Sridhar had turned to Illayaraja in 1978, and gave the super hit-Ilamai Oonjalaadugirathu and all the lyrics were by Vaali for the first time in an IR film. This Sridhar-IR-Vaali combo continued in AUA. In spite of the stupendous success of the songs of these two films, Sridhar went to Vijabhaskar for his next film-Soundaryamey Varuga Varuga-1980.Though the songs were great, the film crashed.All the songs from this film became immensely popular- VJ's 'Naane naana', VJ's 'Thanimayil', SPB-VJ's 'Kurinji malaril', SPB-VJ-JC-Jency's 'Hey Masthaana', JC's 'Azhagey unnai' and SPB's 'Abhishega nerathil'. Lyrics by Vaali.
The film starred Latha, Vijayakumar, Jaiganesh and introduced Prakash and Subhashini.

Track Info :

01.Abishega - SPBalasubramaniam

I've resisted this song despite many requests only because it was quite an obvious choice.
But every now and then it's good to go for a sure bet. While it sports all the elements that are endemically themmAngu,
this song still has an urban flavor to it. Perhaps its the manic romp of beats that IR throws down here,
perhaps its the frantic urban pace, perhaps its Vaali's split-down-the-middle lyrics that straddle all genres and
defy every one, or perhaps its just SPB channeling the naughty pleasures of a voyeur.
Whatever the charm, for a brief while we're all one and the same in arrested youth.

பாடலை கேட்க

02.Azagea Unnai Aarathikiren - Jayachandran

பாடலை கேட்க

03.En Kalyana Vaibogam- Vani Jairam

என் கல்யாண வைபோகம் உன்னோடுதான்
என் கல்யாண வைபோகம் உன்னோடுதான்
நல்ல நாளில் கண்ணன் மணி தோளில்
பூமாலை நான் சூடுவேன் பாமாலை நான் பாடுவேன்
என் கல்யாண வைபோகம் உன்னோடுதான்
வைபோகம் உன்னோடு தான்

மழைக்கால மேகம் திரள்கின்ற நேரம்
மலைச்சாரலே தாலாட்ட நீராட்ட
மலர்கூட்டம் எதிர்பார்க்கும் இள வேனிர் காலம்
பூவையும் ஒரு பூவினம் அதை நான் சொல்லவோ...

........என் கல்யாண..........

உறங்காமல் நெஞ்சம் உருவாக்கும் ராகம்
உறங்காமல் நெஞ்சம் உருவாக்கும் ராகம்
உனக்கல்லவோ கேட்பாயோ மாட்டாயோ
சுகம் கொண்ட சிறு வீணை விரல் கொண்டு மீட்டு
மாலையும் அதிகாலையும் நல்ல சஙீதம் தான்.........

..........என் கல்யாண...........

பாடலை கேட்க

04.Kurunji Malaril- SPBalasubramaniam & Vani Jairam

பாடலை கேட்க

05.Masthana- SPBalasubramaniam,Jayachandran,Jency& Vani Jairam

பாடலை கேட்க

06.Naaney Naanaa- Vani Jairam

பாடலை கேட்க

07.Thanimayi- Vani Jairam

( want 2 play with me ?
mm.. m no...
ai don't tickle me
don't don't don't.. )

தனிமையில் யாரிவள்
நீரோடு மீனுண்டு
நிலவோடு வானுண்டு
உறவோடு ஊருண்டு
என்னோடு யாருண்டு.....ஹே ....ஹே ....ஹே....
தனிமையில் யாரிவள்

ஆடி முடித்த மேடை
மூடி வைத்த வேளை
மீண்டும் நாடகம்
அது ஏன் இறைவா
ஆசை என்னை இன்று
ஏங்கும் ஏக்கம் ஏன் ஏன் ஏன்...
தனிமையில் யாரிவள்.........

இளமை கொடுமை
என்ன செய்யும் பெண்மை
விரக தாபம் ஏன்..ஏன்...ஏன்..
ஹா... darling ..
தனிமையில் யாரிவள்
நீரோடு மீனுண்டு
நிலவோடு வானுண்டு
உறவோடு ஊருண்டு
என்னோடு யாருண்டு.....ஹே ....ஹே ....ஹே....

பாடலை கேட்க


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Tribute To Malaysia Vasudhevan

Remembering the Legend - Malaysia Vasudevan

What others says about Maestro Ilaiyaraja

Ilaiyaraaja is my favourite musician. He has that unmatched talent to maintain a particular raga till the very end of the song. The essence & soul of the raga is well maintained throughout

ANURADHA KRISHNAMURTHY (Carnatic Vocalist / TV star, South India)

As far as i am concerned, i would say Ilaiyaraja is the composer of the century. If there is one single authority on 'orchestration', it can only be ilaiyaraja.

Dr.BALAMURALIKRISHNA (Eminent Carnatic Vocalist, India) .

I love all the melodious compositions of ilaiyaraja sung by S.P.Balasubramaniam and Yesudoss. My all time favourite is 'raja raja chozhan' from 'Rettai Vaal Kuruvi' that i hum frequently.

L.BALAJI (Budding Cricket Star/Bowler, India)

There wont be another ilaiyaraja. He is par excellence, self taught and a complete composer. Improvising on original compositions of someone like ilaiyaraja has always been a dicey proposition for me. Some of my improvisations / touches get his nod, while in other instances when i go overboard, he would step in with a figurative spank in the ear. Me, Jesu anna and Chitra are all so lucky to have got the opportunity to sing hundreds of numbers in his music.

S.P.BALASUBRAHMANYAM (Eminent Singer, Music Director, India)

If a situation arised wherein ilaiyaraaja decides to quit film music, i would as well quit making films. We both have worked so long with each other now that i dont need to explain him in great details abt my expectations. He knows what music i would want, and i create situations which he will love to make music for.

BALUMAHENDRA (Eminent Film Director, India)

He is the master of background music. I watch films that has ilaiyaraja as the music director, just for his background scores. "Thalapathi" is one such movie, which i have watched umpteen times just for his BGMs.

BHARADHWAJ (Music Composer, India)

When you listen to his songs, you feel as if you were in a trance. Especially, the song," Kaatril Endhan Geedham" from film Johny. Listening to his music is by itself a meditation to me.

BHARANI (Music Composer, South India)

I shoot scenes with a particular impact in mind. And even before i discuss about what i have in mind, he is already ready with mind boggling BGM bits.

BHARATHIRAAJA (Noted Film Maker, India)

His music is precious. Mere dishing out of money wont get you such quality music.

CHANDRAHASAN ( Film Producer, India)

I owe a lot to maestro ilaiyaraja and I will ever remain grateful to him. He is the main reason for whatever i have achieved as a singer thus far in my career. The padmashree award that i received was not for is dedicated to raja sir...I still remember very clearly the day when i sang "poojaiketha poovidhu" in his recording studio..From that day, till today, he has been blessing me with his love, standing by me as my own father ...

CHITRA (Eminent Singer, India)

We are big fans of the Maestro, and are proud to be the exclusive North American importer of the WINGS CD. ReR USA holds no allegiance to any particular style or genre of music, rather we only care about excellence. That's why we're so thrilled to have ilaiyaraaja !!.

DAVID KERMAN (ReR-USA, Music Distributor, North America)

He is my God. I have grown up listening to his music. Whatever i am able to compose today, i owe it to this maestro.

DEVI SRI PRASAD (Film Music Director, South India)

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